The Day the Crocodile Almost Had Me

One Sunday night ago on Nat Geo Wild,  a special aired called “Okavango Underwater”. I spent some time underwater while exploring the Okavango Delta in northwestern Botswana in July, 1979 with five companions. A freak incident put our lives in dire jeopardy. Our outboard stalled in a papyrus forest. I tilted the motor to see ifContinue reading “The Day the Crocodile Almost Had Me”

How Profitable is Your Business?

If you own or manage a business you know how important it is to have a healthy profit margin on your product or service. It is also important to control expenses. A well-managed business only nets about 7% of revenues as profit. Higher operating or material costs quickly erode the 7% to zero or intoContinue reading “How Profitable is Your Business?”