Special thanks to members and their wives of Council 12240 for helping pass out food and water to Ft. Myers victims of Hurricane Ian

Below are pics from this past Saturday’s Catholic Charities in Fort Myers with Council 12240 brother Knights and wives!! #HurricaneIan #kofc12240 #kofc_fl

Happy birthday Father Frank!

Father Frank, Council #12240 wants to wish you a very Happy Birthday! We hope that you enjoyed your day Father.God bless you in a special way today for all the love and concern with which you minister to all those entrusted to your care. May your life be filled with God’s good gifts, abundant joyContinue reading “Happy birthday Father Frank!”

Is Earth Visited by Celestial Beings?

There is the Bible view and the secular view. Hardly a day goes by without TV shows on this subject. The interest in extraterrestrial life and contact is universal. Bible accounts of who visitors are and why they come are also prolific. Jude 1:6 refers to angels who left their ‘first habitation’ (heaven) and cameContinue reading “Is Earth Visited by Celestial Beings?”

Giving Precedes Getting

We are driven to satisfy our own needs and desires. That’s what is on our minds when we begin praying. But that is not what God advises us to do when we approach Him. Exodus 23:15: ‘No one will appear before me empty-handed.’ Oops! We came to get, not give. Psalms 100:4 says, ‘Come withinContinue reading “Giving Precedes Getting”

Another Excerpt from the book: Induction Day at Cooperstown A History of the Baseball Hall of Fame Ceremony

I was in New York when I heard Larry Winograd had passed away. Naturally I was saddened by the news, especially since Larry had given me the opportunity three years ago to write this column for the Pine Island Post. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family. As you might rememberContinue reading “Another Excerpt from the book: Induction Day at Cooperstown A History of the Baseball Hall of Fame Ceremony”

Guaranteed Life Success Myth or Promise?

If I catch a huge fish at a particular spot, I am inclined to return there. If I catch nothing the second or third time the memory of the big one still persists. I try a few more times, speculating that if one was there, there have to be more. I don‘t persist at spotsContinue reading “Guaranteed Life Success Myth or Promise?”

Another excerpt from the book: “I Left My Heart in Cooperstown”

A year ago I wrote about the Baseball Playoffs and how two Wild Card teams made it to the World Series for the first time. I never wrote about the World Series results, but as those of you who follow baseball know, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals in seven games toContinue reading “Another excerpt from the book: “I Left My Heart in Cooperstown””