Columbiettes: We Are Truly Blessed

It was so inspirational attending all the beautiful Masses, Missions, Father Pat, Fish Fry Dinners during Lenten Season, Palm Sunday, Holy Week Masses,  Lord’s Supper Holy Thursday, Good Friday Stations of the Cross, Penance Service, Holy Saturday and EASTER!!!!!!  We are all truly Blessed! These are our upcoming events: – Sat., April 11th, Chapter Meeting/trainingContinue reading “Columbiettes: We Are Truly Blessed”

How Profitable is Your Business?

If you own or manage a business you know how important it is to have a healthy profit margin on your product or service. It is also important to control expenses. A well-managed business only nets about 7% of revenues as profit. Higher operating or material costs quickly erode the 7% to zero or intoContinue reading “How Profitable is Your Business?”