Upcoming Columbiette Events

April 21st Relay for Life – TBD-Charities – current gift cards to Veteran’s for supplies April 27 – Columbiettes pre-convention outing:  Casino Royale in Pompano April 28, 29, 30  Florida State Convention – Embassy Suites in Boca Raton May 7th Parish Center – Respect Life – Baby shower If you have any questions or would like to knowContinue reading “Upcoming Columbiette Events”

What Are You Building?

It is in our DNA to build things, make things, whether we are taught to or not. Wherever people are, so are buildings, corrals, tools and other inventions. The tasks of building keep us occupied and challenged. We want a sense of accomplishment for what we build. But, as Children of God, should we buildContinue reading “What Are You Building?”

Do I ever lie to myself? Do I believe my own lie?

There were many times when I told myself a lie and believed it, or at the least acted as if it were true. I didn’t like that about myself, so I made a checklist to help me stop lying to myself and help me stop believing my own lies. I would go through the listContinue reading “Do I ever lie to myself? Do I believe my own lie?”

A Lesson Through Character and Charity

In an article by Jason Godin, associate editor of Fathers for Good, an initiative for Men by the Knights of Columbus, Godin talks about Oscar winning actor, Henry Fonda: The 1968 film “Yours, Mine and Ours,” stars Henry Fonda as Frank Beardsley, a U.S. naval officer and widower with 10 children who marries another widowerContinue reading “A Lesson Through Character and Charity”