Who is He? What Did He Do for Me?

In Philippians chapter 2, we learn something about Jesus that should govern our behavior and language in all circumstances. Summarized it says: “Though he was equal with God, he did not cling to his rights as God, but became a servant and accepted death on a cross.”

Most of us wouldn’t sacrifice our status in life for someone else. Which shows how wide the gap
is between his love for us and our love for others.

John 1:3: “All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be.” He created us.
The human retina contains about 120 million rod cells, and 6 million cone cells. Our genome
contains 204 billion atoms, organized into very complex genes, each containing about 100,000
atoms. He did a lot to put us together. If we put something together and it fails, we might throw it
away. We don’t sacrifice our lives to put it back together.

Neither Jesus, nor his Father could bear the destruction of those created in their image. But
judgment was due to them. They chose to follow Satan’s advice rather than their Creator’s. So,
down Jesus came to the manger. At the end of his ministry, when the days for his being ‘taken
up* were fulfilled, “he resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem.” (Luke 9:51) Another
translation puts it more graphically: “He set his face like a flint to go up to Jerusalem.” His goal
was to get to the cross. To take your judgment and mine on himself, so we don’t have to bear it.
Wow! What unutterable love!

That’s who he is and that’s what he did for you and me. Does it grieve you when you hear his
name used as a curse? That is the same name that God the Father made the name above every
other name. Revere it! Bless it! At that name, every knee shall bow. Let’s get in practice,
brothers and sisters. He is coming.

John Pisula, Grand Knight: [email protected]
Joe Cox, Council Lecturer: [email protected]


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