Food for All — Death for None

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Psalm 145:15-16: ‘All look to you in hope and you feed them with the food of the season. And, with generous hand, you satisfy the desires of every living creature.’ Suppose it was your job to ensure that every animal on earth had food to eat. Who could provide just for the insects in their own yard, never mind for every fish and all desert and polar fauna? It’s a joy touring national parks seeing well-fed wildlife, enjoying God’s bounty. How much planning went into Earth’s many ecologies to ensure food for every creature!

Do we thank God before meals? Yet, He still feeds the unthankful. One provision in the food supply
seems at odds with God’s goodness – predation. In a perfect system, life for one wouldn’t depend on
death for another. There was no predation in the Garden of Eden. But it went wrong when the super
predator intervened. After that, the death of one became necessary to preserve the life of us all.
Christ’s body and blood are the source of eternal life. Eating what we were told not to eat brought
death. Now, we are told to feed on His body for true life.

Satan is described as a serpent and a dragon – reptile. He was cast down to Earth with the angels
who joined him in rebellion against God. When we think of the super predator of all time T-Rex comes to mind. I’ve often wondered if the dragon(s) from heaven became Earth’s dinosaurs. Even today it’s the crocodile that embodies predation in its most horrendous form. And its venomous snakes that take over 100,000 human lives every year.

Will predation ever end? Isaiah 11:6-8: ‘The wolf will live with the lamb, the panther lie down with the kid, calf: lion and fat-stock beast together, with a little boy to lead them. The cow and the bear will graze; their young will lie down together. The lion will eat hay like the ox. The infant will play over the den of the adder; the baby will put his hand into the viper’s lair.’ Christ’s return and establishment of His Kingdom ends predation. His death ultimately ends the necessity for it. There will be food for all and death for none.

Meanwhile, let us resist all impulses to satisfynourselves at others’ expense. Let’s extend a generous hand with our surplus food, so none will be hungry.

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