A message from our Knights of Columbus Field Agent

Hello, It’s John Cesta, your Knights of Columbus field agent. I trust and pray you and your family members have been staying healthy during this very tumultuous period in history.

Congrats Everyone!!

You know, ten years ago this month I became a field agent…YAY! (I had no idea what I was getting into.)My assigned territory was Weston, (Bonaventure and St Katherine) and on the other end St Peters in Jupiter. One an hour north, and the other an hour south.I was always one to follow the axiom of: When you see someone successful doing what you are into listen to them. I listened to my General Agent Sergio Urrutia and took the assignments even though they were one hour south and one hour north of me. And these proved to be two very successful territories.I recall Julian Gazzano was my first appointment, Thank you Julian. Scott O’Connor (our wonderful State Deputy!!) and The Boyles were next and on and on. Thanks to ALL of you who have invited me into your home.I remember leaving homes in Weston at 11 pm after devouring Brazilian/Costa Rican or Columbian chocolate cake and drinking espresso (with sugar), probably the only thing(s) that kept me awake on the ride home. The other thing that kept me wide eyed was the excitement of having been able to protect another Catholic family. As a new agent it was exciting. Even after having done this for 10 years it’s still exciting.I spent about a year and half down in Weston. Then, an agent in my home town was reassigned and I was moved back to Wellington.I missed Weston but the new area was awesome because I could wake up at 10:40 am and still make most any 11 am appointment. I knew most of the members here in my area having lived here and went to mass since 1994.

One morning, some months ago, I woke up from a wonderful dream, BUT!!, it wasn’t a dream! I’m back. I am reassigned to St Bonaventure, and I love it. So much so that I transferred my membership to 12240. And I’ll have to say that my first appointment after I was reassigned was Julian Gazzano. Haha Awesome again.I just want to say that you guys are what the Knights of Columbus are ALL about.You leave no stone unturned.

You understand the meaning of being a fraternity, of unity, and certainly charity.Often when I find myself in an argument…uhhh, errr rather, a conversation with someone in another council and we are discussing councils that may not adhere to the principals of the order I tell the member to come with me to St Bonaventure’s meeting one month.At St Bonaventure’s meeting you will see a REAL council, you will see a template of what Father McGivney’s vision was for his new found benefit society.You will see a bunch of guys that like and respect each other.You will see a bunch of guys that rather than complain during a meeting they actually discuss solutions. They have fun. They work hard, they do it for the order!And because of those things they honor and propagate the vision Father McGivney had for this wonderful organization.You guys are the best!! I believe the Knights of Columbus is one of the greatest organizations in the history of the world!!

Vivat Jesus!!


John Cesta FIC – Knights of Columbus Insurance Field Agent
LIFETIME MDRT MEMBER, 7 year member of Supreme Knights Club Proudly Serving Catholic Families in Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Weston
Office: 561.818.6978 – www.kofc.org


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