Fasting and Feasting



A friend of mine sent me this prayer today. It was given to him by his young daughter this morning. I felt compelled to share it. Great reminders as we pray throughout this week.


May I fast from judging others, but feast on Christ dwelling in them.
May I fast from fear of illness, but feast on the healing power of God.
May I fast from words that pollute, but feast on speech that purifies.
May I fast from discontent, but feast on gratitude.
May I fast from anger, but feast on patience.
May I fast from pessimism, but feat on hope.
May I fast from negatives, but feast on encouragement.
May I fast from bitterness, but feast on forgiveness.
May I fast from self-concern, but feast on compassion.
May I fast from suspicion, but feast on truth.
May I fast from gossip, but feast on purposeful silence.
May I fast from problems that overwhelm, but feast on prayer that sustains,
May I fast from anxiety, but feast on faith.

Good evening brothers and have an awesome Holy Week!

Vivat Jesus,

Felix Hodges
Grand Knight


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