Father Frank’s Blog-May 2017

Images courtesy of Wikipedia, (left) St. Philip, by Peter Paul Rubens, from his Twelve Apostles series (c. 1611), at the Museo del Prado, Madrid |(right) Statue of St James at the Church of the Mafra Palace, Portugal.

Dear Brother Knights,

On Wednesday, May 3, we celebrated, with red vestments, the Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles. They were martyrs. Saint Philip preached the Gospel in modern day Turkey. He was crucified in Phrygia. Saint James was in charge of the Church at Jerusalem. He summarized the actions of the Council of Jerusalem, allowing the Gentiles to become Christians without first being circumcised. He was martyred by King Herod. Both were ordinary men called by Jesus to come and follow Him. Jesus told them that whoever believes in Him will do the works that he does. My Dear Brother Knights, we, too, are ordinary men who have been called to come and follow Jesus like Saints Philip and James. Let us pray for the grace to follow Jesus. If we do it, like Saint Philip and James, we, too, will do what Jesus does–manifesting the love of the Father in our community every day of our lives.


Fr. Frank


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