Is Earth Visited by Celestial Beings?

Celestial Beings | KofC Council 12240
Celestial Beings | KofC Council 12240
Image courtesy of Wikipedia: A star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, an irregular galaxy.

There is the Bible view and the secular view. Hardly a day goes by without TV shows on this subject. The interest in extraterrestrial life and contact is universal. Bible accounts of who visitors are and why they come are also prolific.

Jude 1:6 refers to angels who left their ‘first habitation’ (heaven) and came to earth. Genesis chapter
6 speaks of ‘sons of God’ (likely angels) who intermarried with the daughters of men. Elisha and his servant saw chariots of fire from another realm. Elijah was carried away by a ‘chariot’ that arrived in a whirlwind. Ezekiel saw sophisticated mechanical crafts that could move in strange ways and had living creatures aboard. Angels from the heavens visited many Bible characters. King David and his companions saw an angel about to destroy Jerusalem. We’re being visited for certain.

Secular and biblical accounts raise some questions: Why do people patronize Hollywood commercial movies yet disdain the Bible’s accounts of extraterrestrial beings? The Son of God who left heaven to rescue a lost race is the pre-eminent intergalactic news story of all time. Hollywood story lines don’t rise to the level of Bible accounts — saturated with drama, climactic finales and
‘stars’ that transcend earth’s greatest heroes for bravery, resilience and achievement. It’s also the only account that guides believers through perilous times ahead, as God’s and Satan’s Kingdoms clash in the defining battle for Earth’s destiny. How far ahead is that? Closer than ever.

TV shows and movies may be one of Satan’s strategies to divert attention from the real cosmic drama. The climax of the eons will be engrossing with ‘special effects’ that Hollywood can’t match. But this won’t be entertainment — but reality, up close, personal. Preparing for Christ’s
return means acting accordingly. 1 John 3:3 says, ‘Whoever treasures this hope of him purifies himself to be as pure as he is. When we think of his return, are we
fearful? Or, longing for him and purifying ourselves in anticipation? Secular films miss the point of
extraterrestrial visitors. They are here on God’s agenda.

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