What to Do When we Don’t Know What to Do

Faith | koc12240.org
Faith | koc12240.org
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I don’t know what to write. Thoughts jump one to another; none hold my attention. It’s just waiting on Him. Bear with me…. nothing yet…thanks for your patience. It will come…always does. Is it something I read? Some experience I’m going through? Something I learned way back? More silence, just anticipating a pop in to my blank mind. While we’re waiting, would you mind if I do some general giving of thanks? For breath, water, food, family, a purpose for my life; for a Faith, for opportunity to serve, for sins forgiven, for hope of Heaven, for challenges that occupy me and stave off boredom; for a beautiful earth, for happy social occasions, for my Church, for a new year to contribute and receive; for education, a house, a car and clothing, appliances and a nice bed. For nice neighbors, for my Country, for the constitution, for the founders of this nation, for super highways, airplanes and smart phones. For bananas, apples, peaches, plums, oranges and watermelons. For national parks, beaches, redwoods and rainbows, sunsets and rain; for flowers and animals, especially Pumpkin and Mikey, my two Maltese. For my amazing wife that can do everything I can’t; who is everything I’m not.

Oh yeah, for Guatemalan coffee every morning; for ice cream and dark chocolate, cheese and pecans, chili and mashed potatoes with turkey gravy – oh yeah! That reminds me of holidays and joy and pictures and memories. While I am at it God, thank you for the Jews who gave us Saturday off and Christians who gave us Sunday off. Weekends are great Lord! Also God I am so glad that there is no such thing as separation of Church and State. Even the Government recognizes weekends and religious holidays – December 25 and the fourth Thursday in November. Thank You for 2016 because every time someone dates a check, it reminds them that He was born that long ago. Government publications are dated too, reminding every citizen.

Oh, thank you Moses for a seven day week that every government in the world observes, plus Mosaic law that saturates secular law. No… Separation is an illusion. You rule in both spheres. Thank You for solar eclipses, gentle reminders that you could blot out the sun if you wanted to. Our small moon precisely covers our massive sun, bigger than 65 million moons. That took some celestial engineering!

One last thing Lord. Thank You for the Big Bang. Scientists say the entire universe derived from something smaller than an atom. They say an atom is just electrical energy and that matter and energy is the same thing. So, everything came from a tiny spark of Your energy. That takes faith to believe but scientists finally get it. ‘By faith we understand that from the invisible the visible world came to be.’ (Hebrews 11:3)

Well, I guess You don’t have anything for this Bulletin. If you patiently waited, thanks! If we don’t get what we’re hoping for, there’s much that offsets it.

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