Guaranteed Life Success Myth or Promise?

Life is Beautiful |
Life is Beautiful |
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If I catch a huge fish at a particular spot, I am inclined to return there. If I catch nothing the second or third time the memory of the big one still persists. I try a few more times, speculating that if one was there, there have to be more. I don‘t persist at spots where I never catch anything. Failure diminishes a behavior. Success increases it. Like a great fishing trip, life success is about knowing where the rewards are and persisting until they come.. Suppose we all did only the things that have brought big rewards before. Like hard work, like diet and exercise, like being frugal and prudent. Would we do it if the outcomes were negative? Suppose we only prayed for things that we know He will give us. Like daily bread, like forgiveness, like hope, like opportunities to serve others. Has anyone been turned away empty from such prayers? The success rate is 100%. Contrast that with prayers for a Lamborghini, a date with a superstar and a 16-0 season for the Dolphins this year. The success rate plummets, probably to zero.

So, success is determining what God wants and asking for it. It usually takes work on our part too, and maybe sacrifices. Preventing failure is determining what He doesn’t want, not asking for it and not pursuing it anyway. An uncomplicated philosophy: Success is a series of transactions between us and God, based on predictable outcomes when we restrict our prayers to what He rewards, do our part, and avoid prayers and actions He doesn’t reward. If it’s all quite obvious, why do people continue to fail? Ah! A third party worms his way into the philosophy, discrediting it and distracting us from applying it. What’s in his bag of tricks? Lies, confusion, spurious alternatives, pleasures,. Discouragement.

You can’t believe everything in the Bible. It contradicts itself.

“Life is short. Have an affair.” (How’d that work out for those who fell for it?)

God isn’t fair. “He knows if you eat the fruit, you will be like him.” The sacrifice isn’t worth losing your friends for. Your life is too full already. You don’t have time for that. You deserve it, go for it! You can afford it. Just go with the flow. It’s not like its murder or bank robbery.

What’s a look? It’s just a look. This hasn’t worked for you so far. You’re kidding yourself.

Ask and you shall receive is an empirically proven promise. What a transaction it would be if all seven billion of us stopped and prayed simultaneously and kept praying for things God wants to give us, and we all gave Him the things He wants from us? If not everyone, how about just you and me?


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