To ‘Serve’ or ‘Be Served’ That is the question.

What are the advantages of being served?
• We don’t have to do anything, just wait for others to do something for us.
• Being served makes us feel important and valued.
• We get what we want at someone else’s expense and effort.
• We avoid the frustration and disappointment of unfulfilled needs and desires.
• If we can’t meet our own needs, then someone else must.
• We can relax because others are looking out for us.

What are the advantages of serving?
• “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Acts 20:35
• If we do it for others we are doing it for Jesus. Matthew 25:40
• We feel good when we do good to others.
• We store up treasure in heaven. Matthew 6:20
• We make someone else happy.
• We build a reputation for kindness and good works.

If it makes us better off by serving others, and it makes them better off, why not generate a double benefit by serving? What keeps people from serving? Lack of instant gratification, need to expend some effort, make a sacrifice, etc. Serving takes faith to believe that an eternal reward waits. Serving looks outward; being served looks inward. God serves our needs for food, clothing and shelter, a life purpose, a beautiful world to enjoy and an eternal hope. He also equips us to serve others’ needs. Remember, when He fed the hungry 5,000? He made a little extra (12 basketfuls) to feed yet others. If you want to actively and often serve others & you are a practicing Catholic, 18 or over, the Knights of Columbus has an opportunity for you. Being served and serving are both good; the double benefit goes to the servers who share their gifts and their surplus with others. Jude Hodges, Grand Knight. Joe Cox Membership Director, Council 12240 St. Bonaventure Catholic Church


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